Hearing Teen Voices

Recording and preserving the teen perspective on the current state of the world, documenting and sharing teen community outreach.

Listen to Teens' Voices


About the Project

2020 has been a year of incredible hardship and upheaval.

In this historic time, teens' voices need to be heard. The #WeWereHere Project is an opportunity to show the world how you’ve dealt with big issues like health concerns and quarantine, missing friends and milestone celebrations, protest and social justice, and a society examining its attitudes about racism, wealth, and privilege. It's also a way to demonstrate how you've connected to and helped others in your community and beyond to make a positive impact.

Experiences to Share

  • I Am Here: Your words, images, and firsthand accounts of 2020
  • I Am Helping: Your community projects, tips, and useful information
  • I Am Okay: Sharing how you stay positive
  • I Am Not Okay: And that's okay, you can vent and be heard
Teens' Voices

I Am Here Experiences


I am Helping Experiences


I Am Okay Experiences


I Am Not Okay Experiences


Are you a young adult (12-19) who would like to share your experience about living in 2020? Do you need to fulfill volunteer or service hours? You can do both, click below to share.


Are you a librarian that wants to get your teens involved? Do you want to help with the project or are you looking for further resources? Register below for a how-to resource for librarians.