Hearing Teen Voices

The #WWH collected and represented hundreds of teens' voices throughout 2020 & 2021

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About the Project

2020 & 2021 have been a year of incredible hardship and upheaval.

The #WeWereHere Project is an opportunity to show the world how you’ve dealt with big issues like health concerns and quarantine, missing friends and milestone celebrations, protest and social justice, and a society examining its attitudes about racism, wealth, and privilege. It's also a way to demonstrate how you've connected to and helped others in your community and beyond to make a positive impact.

Experiences to Share

  • I Am Here: Your words, images, and firsthand accounts of 2020
  • I Am Helping: Your community projects, tips, and useful information
  • I Am Okay: Sharing how you stay positive
  • I Am Not Okay: And that's okay, you can vent and be heard
Teens' Voices

I Am Here Experiences


I am Helping Experiences


I Am Okay Experiences


I Am Not Okay Experiences