Recording, collecting, viewing, hearing and listening to teen experiences

Throughout 2020 & 2021, the #WeWereHere Project worked with 250+ teens and 50+ organizations in order to create a repository of the actions teens were taking in order to spread positivity during difficult times.

Recently, the #WeWereHere Project has decided to pause submissions as we transition to a hopefully bright future. Although submissions have ben paused, this website will stay be live as a read-only format where you may now view and comment on past submissions. Support for the teen community is always appreciated!

  • I Am Here: Your words, images, and firsthand accounts of 2020/2021

    Examples - Video diaries, protest footage, photo journals and essays

  • I Am Helping: Your community projects, tips, and useful information

    Examples- Helpful tips, safety precautions, survival strategies

  • I Am Okay: Sharing how to stay positive

    Examples - Positive messages, community-building projects, anything humorous

  • I Am Not Okay: And that's okay, you can vent and be heard

    Examples - Let your anger out in art and poetry and use it for motivation

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