Recording, collecting, viewing, hearing and listening to teen experiences

Your voice matters. The #WeWereHere Project aims to create a repository of teen voices in this historic time.If you are a teen, we want to hear from you how this unprecedented year of great social upheaval and pandemic has affected you. If you are a librarian, you can learn how to help and join your library to the project here. If you are just an interested person, please spread this project, use the hashtag, and amplify youth voices locally. Now is the time to hear and more importantly listen to young people.

  • I Am Here: Your words, images, and firsthand accounts of 2020

    Examples - Video diaries, protest footage, photo journals and essays

  • I Am Helping: Your community projects, tips, and useful information

    Examples- Helpful tips, safety precautions, survival strategies

  • I Am Okay: Sharing how to stay positive

    Examples - Positive messages, community-building projects, anything humorous

  • I Am Not Okay: And that's okay, you can vent and be heard

    Examples - Let your anger out in art and poetry and use it for motivation

Teens' Voices

I Am Here Experiences


I am Helping Experiences


I Am Okay Experiences


I Am Not Okay Experiences


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