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Gia found new ways to keep herself busy and spend more time with family, here is what she had to say: "Throughout this entire experience with Covid and shutdowns my life changed and I had to learn to adapt. My every day busy schedule was gone. I didn't get to go to school or see my friends the way I used to. It was hard but as the days went on I started to learn new ways to keep myself busy and spend more time with my family. I learned how to do my own nails. I started acting boardgames with my brother. I learned by going online for school. My graduation was a drive-by and my teacher visited my house. I enjoyed nature and even went parasailing for the first time. Enen though my life was different than it used to be, I enjoyed myself and was very thankful that my family and friends were safe and healthy. "


Oceanside Public Library


Oceanside Middle School

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Gia Salamone


I Am Here

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