Photographs to Capture the Moment

Carmen shared her photographs to capture the moments, here is what she had to say: "Through out the year during COVID, I felt lost without art. As a person who is involved in choir and theater I felt that COVID had taken that aspect of my life away. Of course with precautions and masks for safety, I decided that I was going to make art through photography, which I was fond of because I had taken classes on it. It would be a way to keep sane and help me take my mind off of things when I was stressed. I had some help with my neighbors and my sister to complete these photos. I even collaborated with another artist in my town, I found new places to go hiking and walking through these photos. During the midst of this I even decided to make a Instagram to display my work to other people. ( With photography, it has pulled me out of a state of sadness and hopelessness to now a chance of happiness and new beginnings."


Homer Library/ White Oak Library


Lockport Township High School

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Carmen Chavez


I Am Not Okay

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