Getting Involved in New Things

Udeysah got involved in new activities during the free time, here is what she had to say: "At the start of the COVID 19 spread I was depressed and in tension. There was no way I could leave my house and had nothing to do. So I took out activities for myself, I started to draw and paint and I absolutely loved it. I made more and more drawings and paintings, but then I wanted more things to do, so I played sports like badminton and volleyball with my siblings and cousins when the pandemic was not at its peek. I also found myself doing photography, makeup and baking. From the middle of the pandemic until now, I have been knitting a lot. I made hats, baby shoes and a huge blanket for my baby sister, which took many months to make. So all these things I found for myself to do because I was feeling disturbed from the normality that I knew."


Schaumburg Township Library


Schaumburg High School

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Udeysah Saquib


I Am Not Okay

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