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I Am Not Okay

July, 2020

Poem About 2020

A poem about the current situation regarding everything happening in 2020.

Alejandra Benitez

I Am Here

July, 2020

HackTheLib Hackathon

HackTheLib was the first online hackathon hosted by a group of teens gathering more than 200 participants.

HackTheLib Team

I Am Okay

June, 2020

Memes About Life

A couple of memes made by a teen in middle school.

Patrick Waldchen

I Am Helping

May, 2020

Sports Talk Show By Teens

A Sports Talk Show started by Juniors in High School in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Their Goal: Spread Unity

Rayaan Siddiqi, Harsh Shah, Aryan Patel, Abhay Gudur